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Ok so what now! Questions to ponder as a future is uncertain

  I have been quiet for a long time, and things have been a bit of a stretch. I have been thinking during this period that I should be reversing a few of the ideas that I had for this outlet. I am here to give an idea of what life is like with the condition. Everyone assumes that everyone wants to have their place that is their castle. Yes, that is the case to a certain extent but when living with a condition such as cerebral palsy life gives you curve balls constantly. Certain things can be a trigger an overload of anxiety and panic. that cause a circle of stress and anxiety. These include house maintenance in any form, bills that are not anticipated and accidents. For me, it was the uncertainty of what the future holds for me as a person who has cerebral palsy. Doing any amount of exercise or general existence can cause wear and tear on the body meaning that there is no certainty of what is going to happen in the future. As I have mentioned, in other posts the condition wears the bod

Balance in all things! An observation in Equality.

In the beginning: There has to be a balance in all things. Yet the scales of life throw wobbles. These wobbles can be about anything.  And yet knowing where to make the balance is a difficult one. The lyrics for The Rythm of Life sung by Sammy Davis JR has the most meaning for me.  However, I was having a drink and started to think about the balance of equality. Equality in the simplest form: In the simplest form equality is about ensuring every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their life and talent.  There are other meanings too: Equal proportions Equal wages Equal homes Equal sizes ? Really? Yet while having this drink and listening to a conversation I realised because everyone’s view on equality is different that it's not relevant. This seems odd but that is the point! Example: Take being colour blind; there are variations of this such as seeing two different shades of the same colour But these are seen as the same shade when someone is colour blind.  Ok