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Balance in all things! An observation in Equality.

In the beginning: There has to be a balance in all things. Yet the scales of life throw wobbles. These wobbles can be about anything.  And yet knowing where to make the balance is a difficult one. The lyrics for The Rythm of Life sung by Sammy Davis JR has the most meaning for me.  However, I was having a drink and started to think about the balance of equality. Equality in the simplest form: In the simplest form equality is about ensuring every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their life and talent.  There are other meanings too: Equal proportions Equal wages Equal homes Equal sizes ? Really? Yet while having this drink and listening to a conversation I realised because everyone’s view on equality is different that it's not relevant. This seems odd but that is the point! Example: Take being colour blind; there are variations of this such as seeing two different shades of the same colour But these are seen as the same shade when someone is colour blind.  Ok