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Moving forward with Cp

Ok so you have a child with Cp: Or you are a young person with the condition. There will be lots of people who are older than you. These people have the best intention in the world and yet get things wrong particularly about your condition. These people may be members of your family but don’t understand the condition. They may think they don’t. You must realise this. Comments they make: Close your legs. Come on hurry up! You can do better than that! Pick your feet up. Stand still. These are just some of the ones I have encountered growing up. Even now decades later these confuse me. You may wonder why I say that. You’ll see. Growing up and feeling out of place! Whether you are a single child/part of a bigger family that you live with. You are a member of the family who is reading this with another member with cerebral palsy. Take in mind what is said as it does not matter what people say. There is always a sense of being out of place because we are not classed as normal. There are sign

So We Are Coming Out The Other Side! Of this Pandemic!

We are coming out the other side!  So it's coming to the end of 2021 and the world has been in the most horrific since the end of 2019 when the world first heard of COVID-19 and the global pandemic first started. I have spoken about this in various posts such as Is this going to be another groundhog year ? But is the new year ahead of going to be the same as the last 2?  There was a comment made about previous pandemics that I realised was a good observation and that the average time a pandemic lasts is 3 years. The most notable one is the Spanish flu which I mentioned in keeping your distance to stay safe . And that was from December 1918 to the middle of 1921 towards the end of the year. Right now Since beginning to write this post there is another variation of COVID-19 that was discovered in South Africa very recently so things have become more difficult again. But changes are happening all the time so it can be a real struggle to know what to do for the best.   What can everyon

What does 2022 have for me?

What I think it has? I think the new year has a lot of good things happening. Not everything is going to be what I wanted it to be. That's ok though just the same as 2021.  There, as I said, have been lots of changes in the way things are regarding my disability. I think that the changes will be positive for the future to a certain degree. I'm hoping to have the final place, but it may not happen. We'll see. That's ok though because there is always going to be positive and negative. No matter what. What do I want from 2022 ? All I want is a way of being able to be safe and yet not stressed out too much. I know that this is going to be a difficult year ahead with the way that my family is going to have a head regarding their own situation such as GCSEs and a new place. We don't know what could actually be happening. We just have to take it month by month.  So that means that we have to think about what is going on each month and make a small p

December and what it has in store for me?

It's the final month of the year. Quiet often it's a crazy one, getting ready for Christmas. This is the final month of a bit of space before the year of transition yet again. This year has been amazing in so many different ways. There has been some problems with the world. What with the pandemic and the way it's still effecting the world in so many ways.  A lot of things however going, back to normal, as I have mentioned in many of my other posts such as  When change is coming  and  Moving on .  Yet recently my brain has decided to almost shut down. I think that's because there's been so much going on that I haven't been able to really deal with things on a daily basis. And so my brain was in so much a disarray. I have had to plan so much ahead for the future, because things are still up in the air despite being safe for now. I wish to be able just live from day to day rather than have to plan so much ahead. And that is something that I needed because there'