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Moving forward with Cp

Ok so you have a child with Cp: Or you are a young person with the condition. There will be lots of people who are older than you. These people have the best intention in the world and yet get things wrong particularly about your condition. These people may be members of your family but don’t understand the condition. They may think they don’t. You must realise this. Comments they make: Close your legs. Come on hurry up! You can do better than that! Pick your feet up. Stand still. These are just some of the ones I have encountered growing up. Even now decades later these confuse me. You may wonder why I say that. You’ll see. Growing up and feeling out of place! Whether you are a single child/part of a bigger family that you live with. You are a member of the family who is reading this with another member with cerebral palsy. Take in mind what is said as it does not matter what people say. There is always a sense of being out of place because we are not classed as normal. There are sign