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So We Are Coming Out The Other Side! Of this Pandemic!

We are coming out the other side!  So it's coming to the end of 2021 and the world has been in the most horrific since the end of 2019 when the world first heard of COVID-19 and the global pandemic first started. I have spoken about this in various posts such as Is this going to be another groundhog year ? But is the new year ahead of going to be the same as the last 2?  There was a comment made about previous pandemics that I realised was a good observation and that the average time a pandemic lasts is 3 years. The most notable one is the Spanish flu which I mentioned in keeping your distance to stay safe . And that was from December 1918 to the middle of 1921 towards the end of the year. Right now Since beginning to write this post there is another variation of COVID-19 that was discovered in South Africa very recently so things have become more difficult again. But changes are happening all the time so it can be a real struggle to know what to do for the best.   What can everyon

Is This Going To Be Another Groundhog Year? Again!!

 I t's still a lockdown in February. Nothing has changed since the beginning of Christmas 2020. Except everything has changed there are millions of people who have had their first immunisation jab to the virus. Yet millions are still waiting for their first. HOW ARE YOU GETTING ON IN THIS LOCKDOWN. You are not the only one who is struggling! Remember everyone in this whole world is in a similar situation to yourself. So if you need to talk to people then do so. You can always contact me using email if you feel that you have no one to go to. Use your phone or the internet. If you can. Listen to your favourite books or podcasts. Such as Sweetestmoonduststyle . If you don’t haven’t any then binge on your favourite movies or shows. By DVD or by streaming such as Netflix or Amazon Prime . My favourite movies and shows are as follows: The Post Les Miserables Picard The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Just to name a few. My fave books are as follows: Complete works of Jane Austen Terry Pratchett Di