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Discussing Things and Yet Chilling

    I'm doing another quick post sitting in the cafe. Just chilling out waiting for a family member again. Nevertheless, it's been a quiet day. Family things are being slightly sorted out, hopefully, things will get better.  The stuff that's going on will be sorted. It will be written about in another post at some point, but right now, life is going the way it should do and I'm grateful for what has been going on and knowing what's being in the future! Because it's a long slog for what I need to be done up doing another post at some point about all this but not right now because I don't have the time as I have to make time for other things like my radio show, my blog, and my books.  So I'm doing everything all at once as well as keeping a family. So it's crazy but that's how it is at the minute. I know that whatever happens in the future, it's going to be okay but it is worrying at the time. But anyway, um, that's that bit sorted out For

Is This Going To Be Another Groundhog Year? Again!!

 I t's still a lockdown in February. Nothing has changed since the beginning of Christmas 2020. Except everything has changed there are millions of people who have had their first immunisation jab to the virus. Yet millions are still waiting for their first. HOW ARE YOU GETTING ON IN THIS LOCKDOWN. You are not the only one who is struggling! Remember everyone in this whole world is in a similar situation to yourself. So if you need to talk to people then do so. You can always contact me using email if you feel that you have no one to go to. Use your phone or the internet. If you can. Listen to your favourite books or podcasts. Such as Sweetestmoonduststyle . If you don’t haven’t any then binge on your favourite movies or shows. By DVD or by streaming such as Netflix or Amazon Prime . My favourite movies and shows are as follows: The Post Les Miserables Picard The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Just to name a few. My fave books are as follows: Complete works of Jane Austen Terry Pratchett Di

4 Things You Can Learn from Studying Makeup of Princess Leia

  So it's May the Fourth. "May the Force be With You" as the saying goes. What are you doing in this unprecedented time? Are you having an impromptu Star Wars Party without the costumes? What about the simple makeup look that Princess Leia wears in the film "A New Hope"? In the beginning, it was the seventies and there was nothing quite like it. George Lucas made a change in the world of the movie world. Yet makeup-wise nothing is as quite as iconic as Carrie Fisher's makeup and hair. Carrie Fisher was the daughter of one of the old school Hollywood Power couples of the 50s, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. While also being a comedian and actress She also was the mother of Billie Cathrine Lourd who is in the later star wars movies. Carrie died of cardiac arrest on 26th December 2016. In the first scene that you see Princess Leia, she is wearing heavy black eyeliner yet neutral eyes with a strong pink blush and nude lipstick. In the next scen