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Thursday, September 30

Is This Going To Be Another Groundhog Year? Again!!

 It's still a lockdown in February. Nothing has changed since the beginning of Christmas 2020. Except everything has changed there are millions of people who have had their first immunisation jab to the virus. Yet millions are still waiting for their first.


You are not the only one who is struggling!

Remember everyone in this whole world is in a similar situation to yourself. So if you need to talk to people then do so. You can always contact me using email if you feel that you have no one to go to. Use your phone or the internet. If you can.

Listen to your favourite books or podcasts. Such as Sweetestmoonduststyle. If you don’t haven’t any then binge on your favourite movies or shows. By DVD or by streaming such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

My favourite movies and shows are as follows:

Just to name a few.

My fave books are as follows:

Although I read various types those are my go tos for comfort. I can put my mind in those places and be a visual observer of the story. Rather than going somewhere new and pay more attention to what is going on.

Therefore, this is my safe place mentally although I do read several different types of books.

Another thing to do is to listen to positive music. This is my Spotify List with music from the 40s up to now.

Or listen to some amazing positive podcasts. The following are my go-to positive shows if I really need a boost Be Positive Stay Positive and Every Day Positivity. Another Helpful podcast I listen to is Happy Place and this is done by Fearne Cotton. She also has written books that I love, giving tips on the inside chatter, negativity etc.


It's ok to be in the mood that you are alone but you must realise that you are not alone. A way to resolve an issue would be to help the elderly or disabled locally if you can. But if you cant just ring them up so that they know that tyhe6y are not alone just like you.

It is different living with one or more people because you can talk to that person or people. There are times when you want to be silent and just recharge your batteries. This is a good idea especially as you sometimes clash emotionally and verbally.

You’re not the only one who is feeling like this right now. Everyone is to some degree. Remember that your well being is the first thing to think of before trying to help anyone else because if you don’t look after yourself then you will not be able to help anyone else.

So take a deep breath and take that first step to your self-care before anyone else.


I am writing this towards the end of the month and tonight the UK prime minister is laying out his next move for here. Hopefully, things will be heading to a positive future but no one truly knows what is in the future. Even before the virus made more problems for the world.

The virus has no bounds and does not pick any particular race, colour or religion so by looking after yourself and your family. If in a house with other people then ensure that you all work together and get this world back to some kind of normality.

I need to be in some kind of bubble because of cerebral palsy and luckily I am with my family. I miss going out to see my friends and getting fresh air. Winter is drawing to a close, spring is coming at what seems to be a quick pace. This is when I tend to go out more in any case because of the warmer weather and the way it eases my cerebral palsy. I still also listen and read. There are days that I feel completely worn out and just want to do nothing. That’s ok too!

Don’t panic too much and get your inoculation if you are offered it and just carry on protecting yourself and those you love until we get back to some kind of normality because I very much doubt that the world will be the same again.

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