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4 Things You Can Learn from Studying Makeup of Princess Leia

  So it's May the Fourth. "May the Force be With You" as the saying goes. What are you doing in this unprecedented time? Are you having an impromptu Star Wars Party without the costumes? What about the simple makeup look that Princess Leia wears in the film "A New Hope"? In the beginning, it was the seventies and there was nothing quite like it. George Lucas made a change in the world of the movie world. Yet makeup-wise nothing is as quite as iconic as Carrie Fisher's makeup and hair. Carrie Fisher was the daughter of one of the old school Hollywood Power couples of the 50s, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. While also being a comedian and actress She also was the mother of Billie Cathrine Lourd who is in the later star wars movies. Carrie died of cardiac arrest on 26th December 2016. In the first scene that you see Princess Leia, she is wearing heavy black eyeliner yet neutral eyes with a strong pink blush and nude lipstick. In the next scen

My top 5 women For International Women’s Day!

  Today is International Women’s Day and although I wanted to research some amazing women for my post for this day. There are very few who are recognised with cerebral palsy. These are my top 5 who have the condition and show that no matter what life throws at them especially with the condition. Francesca Martinez Francesca Martinez is an English comedian, writer and actress, born in London. She was born with cerebral palsy , but prefers to describe herself as "wobbly". Which is what I personally prefer. She has appeared at the Edinburgh Festival and internationally, including the Melbourne Comedy Festival , the Adelaide Fringe Festival , the Perth Festival and the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. In 2000, she became the first female comic to win the prestigious Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award at the Edinburgh Festival . In 2003 she was listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy. Martinez has performed in many countries including Austral