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December and what it has in store for me?

It's the final month of the year. Quiet often it's a crazy one, getting ready for Christmas. This is the final month of a bit of space before the year of transition yet again. This year has been amazing in so many different ways. There has been some problems with the world. What with the pandemic and the way it's still effecting the world in so many ways.  A lot of things however going, back to normal, as I have mentioned in many of my other posts such as  When change is coming  and  Moving on .  Yet recently my brain has decided to almost shut down. I think that's because there's been so much going on that I haven't been able to really deal with things on a daily basis. And so my brain was in so much a disarray. I have had to plan so much ahead for the future, because things are still up in the air despite being safe for now. I wish to be able just live from day to day rather than have to plan so much ahead. And that is something that I needed because there'

A Special month: Cerebral palsy month! What it really means!!

  1st -31st March It is the international cerebral palsy month this month and here in the UK, there are roughly 1 in every 400 people who have this condition, I included. There are roughly 30,000 children with this condition and although the actual condition doesn’t actually change with age the effects of the condition do. What? I have written different types of posts on this condition as I actually have it. My aim is to ensure that the condition is recognised properly and we get the help we need, continually throughout our lives as adults. Not just as children learning to live our lives as we exhaust and wear out quicker than the average person. Where? Throughout my own life, there are things that I should have learned to do. But because of whatever reason I did not. This means that there are things that I wish had learned and am struggling with now. I mention these things in the following posts Life with mixed cerebral palsy and common questions for me because I have written these