Sunday, April 17

Coming out of the woods

The pandemic of covid19 began just over two years ago and we are about to come out as I write this. When it is posted it should be when we are free of the pandemic for now. As written in the emergency post I spoke about what was going on in Ukraine at the time has just gone live Emotional Plea for Ukraine and Peace

Things have changed again but right now here in the UK, the masks are not as evident as they used to be.

People don't have to be wearing masks all the time and don't need to follow so many restrictions as we did 2 years ago. You could say we are coming to the roaring 20s as we did 100 years ago. When the Spanish flu occurred. which I mention in so we are coming out another side of this.

But that is a different situation as there have been some drastic changes throughout the whole century since the previous big pandemic.

We can go about as much as normal I suppose and it's pretty much business as usual. When I'm writing this, the 2 years have affected us. Because people are more aware of what could be around and what is not but could be by people also are scared about giving it to someone else. Which is fair, especially at the moment of writing, still not completely curable. It is similar to the flu in that respect, however, it is not like the flu in other respects. As it seems to be mutating quite a lot, but not enough or severe enough for the pandemic to be continued in the same sense as it was. 

So we are out of the woods enjoying the good season while we can before another scary event happens. I'm rather glad that things are a bit calmer. It means that people can be a little less stressed, although the pandemic has turned our lives upside down and made us change things

Has the earth done this because of its thoughts on the way that the human race is treating it? 

Is it just sod's law like 100 years ago?

I wonder because for me it could be another situation again sooner than expected or hoped as we go through and head to another century rapidly in my eyes and I've already gone through what two different centuries now I've gone from the 20th century and 21st century so it is scary what is going to happen next. I worry about the future for others who are disabled not just the average person who is normal who would be surviving then.

Would there be enough support for people who have disabilities like cerebral palsy?

Or will they still be a minority where we are suffering rather than accepted because at the moment it still feels as if we are not accepted properly?

What do you think of my thoughts on this when you're reading up, please leave a comment below.

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