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Ataxic Cerebral Palsy What is it?

  Ataxia is a word for a group of disorders that affect coordination, balance and speech. Any part of the body can be affected, but people with ataxia more often have difficulties with balance and walking. So they look like they are wobbling. As shown in the video Ataxic cerebral palsy is a type of cerebral palsy that affects a person's balance, coordination, and depth perception. The definition of, Ataxia , means “incoordination” or being “without order.” This type of cerebral palsy is the least diagnosed type. So there are lots of different styles of walking one of which is shown in the video above. The one I have is That is not me walking but a video of someone else doing the same type of gaited walk. which is called Tip Toe/Equinus Gait. However, there are ways to help this. Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech and Language Therapy Physical therapy i s done in the same way as physiotherapy is done for spastic cerebral palsy but concentrates on what movement there