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Dealing with depression and childhood with cerebral palsy

So your child has cp and is mentally struggling: With this in mind, you're gonna have to think about how things are with your child and cerebral palsy. Want to ensure that the child themselves is happy and well adjusted to the environment and people around them. If this is not done then the child could develop depression at a very early age due to the lack of knowledge for themselves about their own condition and why people are treating them differently. Equality in the home: Whilst doing everything possible for the educational and physical side of the person with the condition cerebral palsy, people often forget the mental-emotional side of the condition. Because of this, it can be seen as just a physical condition that doesn't initially change yet when older secondary problems occur. It should be acknowledged that equality in the home must be done both ways, not just treating the child as a normal child without any condition. But remembering that they also do have a condition