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Thursday, September 30

Are You Really Desiring to Scream out Loud? When life throws another curveball!

 This year has certainly thrown a curveball to everyone with the virus being part of it. which I have mentioned in various posts such as How are you doing in these strange times

You know what though there are things that want to throw you some kind of lesson. So learning from these situations is often difficult but that's ok. I've talked about these in posts such as Urgh The feeling but you know what even I'm learning to be patient. Being patient is a very difficult thing if you are used to almost instant gratification yet it is worth learning as a skill.

The future had also been put on hold because of what the government had decided to do while beginning to open up the country again. And this also means that our own future has been put on hold and it is kind of scary not knowing what is going to happen next but it is not totally in my hands at the moment. At this point, we have to wait and see if there is a chance we can have what we want or do we have to change tact for the future. These are the curved balls that are definitely sent to try us but during a difficult time. on top of the general day to day challenges that my cerebral palsy. however, I am writing a daily blog of my moods and that is
which I will be writing using my phone when I feel like it as it seems to encourage me to write on here too which is a positive step on the whole.

This is a short post as I have not been very well mentally and there have been a few days where i8 have just wanted to curl up like a ball which is why I have started a new one

Fresh chapters with cp.

Hey there, Remember how I've been talking about my move and the process whilst having cerebral palsy? Well, I'm excited to announce ...