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Depression And Cerebral Palsy: Things have been a bit dark!

  Life Right Now I wanted to make sure that finding the perfect way to explain things was easy but it is not. Not being able to clarify things without putting depression at the forefront of this blog has made it very difficult for a very long time. I have had clinical depression on and off. I also have been suffering from anxiety since I was young and the two of those things have made things at times unbearable. Not to the extent where I would end my life but I would want to hide until it all goes away and I feel better, but it doesn't always happen. There are days when this happens and it takes me ages to get out of the funk I'm in because it feels like some kind of whirlpool. It feels like I am climbing out then being pulled back in and I can't win and on these days I know that it's a day for me to be quiet. This is why I have been recent. Stuff is going on which is triggering. It's nothing that has been severe enough for me to go as I have said but it has felt