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Monday, February 28



I'm writing this as an emergency post because of what has been coming to light over the last few days in the country of Ukraine.

I am saddened that Russia has invaded Ukraine because it is not just the ordinary everyday person who is going to be affected by this on both sides. it is going to be by the disabled people who are going to be left behind

We may be a small minority in each country however our words should be heard as well and we need peace.

Once this is finished if ever. will be detrimental to everyone due to the stress I've mentally and physically that everyone will be in during and after because those are going to be the effect that is the longest term. Having a disability does not mean that we are going to be weak-minded but we have a physical or mental situation that is there. 


I am pleading as a blogger and as a person with a disability that peace is needed as soon as possible it doesn't matter what race you are or anything else because we are still all human no matter what. I'm hearing stories and imagining things that could not be envisaged in my life with a disability but can be imagined by previous pictures and events of disabilities caused by horrific events such as what is happening in Ukraine right now when I write this.

I am from the UK or should I say the United Kingdom but as I have said before everyone is the same inside we may have a different colour or religion but we all have rained bones and skin. and one of my reasons for writing out my blog is because I want to show that despite having a disability I am just the same as everybody else.

 I despise what is happening right now. I can see so much pain and stress caused by what is going on that Putin has started. 

The Ukrainian people need support in all ways possible. If you have a spare limb

support or crutches or anything that will help the disabled as well as the normal things such as food clothing etc that the average person has to have on a day-to-day basis in touch difficult times then please use your local charity bases where you can drop off extra bits and pieces that you have but don't need anymore so that they can be sent out to the people who need it the most. My heart goes out to all those people stuck in such precarious places right now in Ukraine and I hope that even my small voice can help you get the help you need.

I am asking for peace in the world as there are so many disabled people who are affected by war in whatever country. I do not condone any war

Thursday, September 30

Knowing when Change is coming

 How are you dealing with the world right now?

This has been one of the most hideous years ever for almost everyone in the world. The worst I can think of was a century ago when the Spanish flu killed 50 million people worldwide.
Now the world has changed because of this new virus. The number of changes that have altered the environment and social actions of people because of Covid19.

Everyone is struggling in some way some are even rebelling. These situations are scary for everyone understandably but we need to stand together. It will get easier with time and resources but these again will take time to find a vaccine or cure
How are you dealing with the situation at home or work?
There has been some kind of stagnation, which in a way has been a good thing. It has made people breathe and realise what is important both emotionally and physically. Yet others just don't care or don't believe what is going. Because they think it's a hoax but it's not.

It is ok you are not alone!!
I have had so much downtime because of what's been going on and have not felt like writing very much. It has certainly made things difficult because of the space where I am as well as emotionally.

It is super crowded especially as there are four of us in the place. Which is a tiny Victorian townhouse with incredibly steep stairs that I find hard to walk! I feel trapped at times here at the moment. So feel low at times and I am sure you do too at times in your own home? You can always contact me.

Don't worry too much about things I'm the same!

However, as facets of the world is gradually going back to some kind of normal with some modifications like the use of masks and hand sanitiser when out in public places like shops or using public transport.

Things are moving extremely gradually towards the future. I am kind of excited about it but wish it would hurry up. Because I would feel more confident in a place which suits me better. But you know what we are all in this together. And that is important to realise, we are all touched in some way or another.
Please don't forget to contact me if you are feeling low.

love and peace

What is Broken

 When I wrote this originally in 2019 my choice of candidate lost and the country picked Mr Boris Johnson. And as this goes up again on my new provider, USA has decided again after what seems to be a lengthy battle.

The Cracks

I had been taking a bit of a break and helping with local issues. While helping my local candidate get into parliament here in the UK. Thursday the country goes to the vote. 

I'm not here to discuss the politics of any country. But this country, the UK, has become broken because of the decisions that everyone has made and what the leaders have done with the decisions. 
Yet it is not just the country that is broken. The whole very existence of the world is broken. 

The damage is all over the place. You may disagree with me on that. On the other hand, you may agree with me. I see the damage through all types of things.
The Chips
The chips are the individual cracks that make up the world as a whole. So this is racism, religious views, political views and other opinions that people disagree with. From this though despite the different opinions we are all exactly the same inside. 

There are many colours in this world Pinks Brown's Yellows Just to name a few And yet these are the colours People are called
from a poem I wrote.

We all have bones, skin, blood and muscles. Wither you have brown, white, pink or dark skin. 

So everyone is the same inside. 
But it's not just these issues. It is almost impossible not to have some kind of discrimination and corruption no matter how big or small it is. 
The Story of Us
Does this mean that we have to be the same as what we have had in the past? 
I think not. The actor Morgan Freeman has an amazing show on #Netflix called #TheStoryOfUs and in the show, he discusses what has happened throughout history and what is happening now! 
It is worth watching because you are shown what can and must be done to protect the future of the planet and the life of your great-grandchildren and their families after them. 
It shows political history and problems as well as love and freedom of speech, information and being. Along with peace international. 

If you want the poem that the quote comes from then click below
What a mix
Download EPUB • 2KB

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