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Life Changes Going On

  Wow oh wow! It has been a busy few weeks. And insightful thanks to some really special people.💓 The chances to change direction in more ways than I thought possible also came to fruition.➕ I am incredibly grateful for the people who were involved in these changes with me.💓 I am looking forward to the future now because of these changes.😀 There has been some stagnation as a person but this has now changed.  Have you ever felt like that? You are not alone! I have been feeling stuck for so long as a writer and it is not just because I haven't been able to write anything! but it has been dealing with living in this house as a whole. 😃  But since going through a challenge group I have found that there are other people in a similar situation to myself. Which has meant that I have been able to do a lot more things such as writing a post for this blog.😁 The simple changes So I'm going to be seeing what happens with a lot of things around me. 💓 But so far things have been real