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Thursday, September 30

Life Changes Going On

 Wow oh wow!

It has been a busy few weeks. And insightful thanks to some really special people.💓 The chances to change direction in more ways than I thought possible also came to fruition.➕
I am incredibly grateful for the people who were involved in these changes with me.💓 I am looking forward to the future now because of these changes.😀 There has been some stagnation as a person but this has now changed. 
Have you ever felt like that?
You are not alone! I have been feeling stuck for so long as a writer and it is not just because I haven't been able to write anything! but it has been dealing with living in this house as a whole. 😃 
But since going through a challenge group I have found that there are other people in a similar situation to myself. Which has meant that I have been able to do a lot more things such as writing a post for this blog.😁

The simple changes
So I'm going to be seeing what happens with a lot of things around me. 💓 But so far things have been really good. And I have learned that even though I may feel like I am alone I am not really!😄 The thing I have learned is to have a group of people even if they are online. 💻 This group has been the most influential gathering. And I would not be where I am today.

The feeling of inclusion
The point I'm trying to get at is that you need to find your own tribe of people and to include everyone.

And since writing this originally on my blog has changed so much and I am really excited for the future.

Love and Peace.

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