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Sunday, February 13

The Year in Retrospect Part One

The last year has been another crazy one

Similarly to 2020, 2021 was a bit of a crazy one with the pandemic causing havoc to everyone in some way or another. Too many lives have been changed by this in unimaginable ways.

Businesses have had to change their ways in how they run. However, I’m not here to talk about the way they were changed. But how the pandemic affected me in the last year.


We had just come out of one lockdown and managed to move house just before the beginning of the new year. I wrote about this in a couple of posts such as and had been trying to extend my movement because we are in a bigger place. The change although good, on the whole, threw some unexpected challenges my way. These were that although my body liked the extra space it was not used to it. It took me a year for my mind to accept the change in the environment. As my body had been in a state of anxiety because of where we were before. So has only got used to it and now things will be changing at the end of 2022. Right now though that is up in the air.


This was a month of settling down and hoping to follow our dreams to a certain point. We were still in a lockdown so nothing had changed for me as I was again housebound. And  February is the middle of winter it is the time when I go out the least in any case. So in that respect, I barely left the house. It was also a time to start the mental change for the hope of following the dreams we had and recuperating mentally from the stress of the move and Christmas. 



So this was a month of waiting to find out if we could follow our dreams. So were quite stressed. The kids also were meant to be going back to school because it was deemed best they went back. Rather than homeschooling. But because they are young carers for me, it was decided that one of them should go back earlier due to their mental health. 

The last few months for me nothíng had changed for me with the exception that I was to see the people who help me be a more human person in my eyes as salons were slowly opening up.


This was a simple month as it was just a month that was just getting things done while waiting for an answer from the people who held our dreams in their hands. My cp over the last few months had been stable and we just spent time being together and I was writing my posts for this blog and finding that my provider was not as good as I thought it was. But struggled on

Final thoughts

This quarter may sound like the year was just a simple time of living and being while going through the year and life

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