Thursday, September 30

Challenges Ahead Part 2


You are in your late 20s plodding along quite nicely or maybe even in your 30s already and found things more challenging. It's ok happens to everyone.

You know that we use 3x as much energy compared to the average person so our bodies wear out quicker than able-bodied people. I mention it in my posts live with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral Palsy and Common questions for me. I’m here to tell you what is next as I go through each decade.

What’s next life has thrown you a curveball and you are beginning to see the signs that you need to slow down only you can’t. You’ve got loads going on.
Life, work, family, and yet you have the nagging feeling that you really should be doing physio when you’re not. First, you notice that a certain muscle is tight or some other symptom you notice. Maybe you’re tired more often. That’s ok it will be more evident the older you are. Maybe the pain is just niggling. Perhaps it comes and goes monthly or seasonal. It's ok it's normal.

Work and Life
You know what you are doing from day to day work-wise. Perhaps you married or in a stable relationship or even on your own but have a pet. Maybe you have a carer part-time.

It's ok but have you thought about how to resolve the issues of pain. Have you thought about the physio sessions you had as a child? Have you thought about getting your doctor to refer you to physio as an adult?

Or can you self refer yourself to a physiotherapist? Now is the opportune time to do this. You can get an idea of how much physio you need to do and what exercises. This is really important because by the time you get to get going to maintain your agility now. This includes muscle tone, movement the ability to be as normal as possible. Yeah, I know you think that other parts of your life are important and yes they are but nothing is if you don’t look after your body and your own abilities.

I get it I totally do and I have been in situations where I have been bed-bound because I have been stupid and not looked after my own body and I have realised that I should have done the physio as I went along through the years. I didn’t and am now paying the price for my own mistakes. This is also why I am writing the blog.

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