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Challenges Ahead Part 1

  You're 20 years old and in some respects. You have the rest of the world and your life ahead! You have had a lot of physiotherapy sessions all through your childhood. It stops as soon as you become an adult. What is next? That is the question. You don’t know what you’re going to do next and how you are going to do to keep yourself as agile and fit as possible? All your life had to be split between going to physio sessions and school. Now that’s all over you’re meant to get on with your life on your own. You are half excited and half scared witless. You know that physio has stopped. It means it's up to you to do the work no one nagging at you to do your exercises. All you want to do is be normal! What do you want to tackle first? Work? Life in general? Physio? Work This is going to be a choice of options for what you can do physically, or not. Yes, that is the reality of the world. It's not what you want to hear. Some so many people are ignorant of the condition. It's

Urgh! More changes ahead! Can't wait but good things come to those who wait!

  Oh no! Not again! I have been struggling with things the last few weeks. I hate having them but depression and anxiety have been a real big struggle for me and I’m still having moments daily with anxiety kicking in. I know why but they are things that are out of my control. These are things that change the future of myself and the family and these things are scary. They are exciting but scary too. Dealing with each emotion as they come: For me, 4 main emotions come across me in anxiety and these are: Fear Worry Anger Frustration These are because of the worry for the future and my family and the fact I am worried that what I want for the future Fear: I have an amazing family and I am not sure what is going to happen in the future for them. I want them to be happy and do exactly what they want to do. Even if at the moment I have to consider my own life at the same time for the now. Worry: Here things seem to be more stressful. But here are where things are less controllable. Because