Thursday, September 30

It's Valentines day

 Are you alone or with that special person?

I know what it's like to be alone and with that special one.
I really hope you are getting the day you deserve or showing the person you love the best they deserve.

I mentioned in my post last week what you can do for free.

What if you're alone?

This isn't the time to feel self-pity because you are an amazing person and deserve the best you can do for yourself. It might be a shower or bath. Sitting down with a cup of tea or your favourite drink.
No matter it's taking time for yourself and recharging your energy.

This is best done daily but even once a week is a good start.

What happens if you don't do it enough?

If you don't do this self-care you will end up burning yourself out. This could be emotionally, physically or mentally. Perhaps even all three ways. At which point you will be ill and possibly have to take months potentially years off.

Which is not what you want. But doing these self-care things will help you help more people and be more productive with things in your life.

So although you may think that these treats you have are you being selfish. Actually, you are being selfless as you are recharging your energy meaning you can do more.

Being stuck at home during these strange times?

You're home alone on this valentines day and you have no one to fuss over.

You're wrong you are important! Even if you don't do anything special then doing nothing is just as good. Because you are still recharging your energy. And that's a good thing.

Don't worry!

It doesn't matter you are on your own because you need to be able to love yourself before anyone else can love you!

That is often a hard thing to realise. You think that finding someone to love you is the way to feel confident and be worthy of anything.

I often have this feeling because of my disability. I know that I am loved by my family and friends. However the frustration of the inability to do things trigger feelings of failure and unworthiness.

If you have these feelings or similar feelings. Then please know that you are not alone. Even on this supposed special day. Take time to recharge yourself and begin to take care of yourself before anyone else.
Love and Peace

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