Thursday, September 30

Urgh Again!

 This was originally written on my first provider but as I thought this post still had relevance now six months on in October 2020.

The last few weeks the weather has been absolutely terrible. All it has done is rain.

But none of the days has been as cheerful as the pictures above. Making my mood miserable and depressive. It has made it almost impossible for me to go out. Although  I can walk around the house, long distance is a no-no. Meaning that I am stuck in the house, However, I have been able to organise some of the things for the move. 

Normally the weather lets the river be like this looking beautiful but recently the river has burst its banks.

So I have been feeling low and stuck and trapped. Which has triggered a bout of depression? But knowing that spring is just around the corner and fighting winter as in the poem "The Fight of The Year" by Roger Mcgough? Which has been blogged by #MrsLaneEnglish on her blog MrsLaneEnglish-Poetry Friday
That poem is always a delight for me as I consider January, February and March as the fight between winter and spring and I can't wait for spring to arrive.
So I am so excited because I know that it is going to be a complete change when we move. I can't wait for the future and what it holds. Because I know that it is going to be positive soon. The want of time to be rushed is really strong yet I know that it will when it is ready. It is like the saying "Best things come to those who wait". So I patiently wait with little pangs of anxiousness to know when the next step towards the bright and positive future.
Love and Peace

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