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What is Spastic Cerebral Palsy

 Are you curious about why some people shake but don't have the condition Parkinson's? 

Do you see people sitting in a wheelchair every now and then shaking? And wonder why?🤔
Are you a parent of a child with either the occasional shake on their limbs or are they constantly shaking? Or do they have stiff movements?
I can give you some insight. As I have the condition as mentioned in Life with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral Palsy. But in this post, I am specifically talking about the Spastic type. 🦽
What are the symptoms of spastic cerebral palsy?
Primary symptoms of spastic cerebral palsy include muscle tightness, or increased tone, leading to stiff movements and difficulty executing precise motor control. When upper limbs are involved, flexion (Tightness)  is seen at the elbow, wrist and fingers.
There are various degrees of this. I'm fortunate to have a fairly mild case. It can be in any type of cerebral palsy such as diplegic, one limb or quadriplegic. It also can be combined with other types of cerebral palsy making it a mixed  This type of cerebral palsy is one of the most common forms of cerebral palsy but it does not mean that the person with it is not able to talk or whatever, it just means that their movements are laboured and jerky.  Depending on where it is it means that walking is harder or eating due to the movements in the arms. If the case is in the lower extremities, then it is very common to see the person in a wheelchair.

This does not mean that the person is unable to do anything at all. It means that things need a different way of thinking. The same needs to be done when the case is in the arms or as a quadriplegic. There are so many things that can be done to support the person with this type of cerebral palsy. 
I will show different options to aid the person with independence. To make the person as independent as possible. These will be gone into detail in other posts but the following is a list of what is generally known 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Medication to control spasms/seizures
  • Surgery

Physical therapy is the most important form because this means that the person having the best type of exercise for them. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have it consistently. Many are only having blocks of 6 weeks of sessions then end up stagnating in their stiffness and often get worse.

Behavioural Therapy is the second most important form as this is the way the person learns how to do things so this is the most important form to start as early as possible in the persons' life as this teaches them how they can be as independent as possible. This includes getting dressed, feeding, cooking and everything else the average person takes for granted.

Medication is another thing that is given and many different types are to be suggested and advised by the doctors who are involved for the particular patient. And these are to aid against the constant spasms. As well as the pain that is in conjunction with the spasms. Which is sometimes connected with epilepsy and other seizure conditions.

Surgery is another option that is often used as a last resort because of the pain and positioning of limbs and smaller joints. Which means that the joints are fused. Therefore limiting movement further.

So each thing is to be done according to the patients' case as everyone is as individual as the person involved. Sometimes some options don't sound possible but actually are. The most common version of this is an injection of botox. Most people think of botox and the beauty side of the injections into the facial muscles making it impossible to frown at times. But the injection can actually relax the muscles making the movement easier to do.

These help the person live a more independent life to the fullest of their capabilities. Meaning that they have the same right as anyone else.

In my personal case, my joints can be held tightly with some differences to the average person.

As you see I hold one of my hands differently while drinking

It doesn't mean that I can't do things it just means that I do things differently and I don't let the condition get in my way. Because everyone is different and that is how we are meant to be.

Love and Peace

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