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What is Spastic Cerebral Palsy

  Are you curious about why some people shake but don't have the condition Parkinson's?  Do you see people sitting in a wheelchair every now and then shaking? And wonder why?🤔 Are you a parent of a child with either the occasional shake on their limbs or are they constantly shaking? Or do they have stiff movements? I can give you some insight. As I have the condition as mentioned in  Life with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral Palsy . But in this post, I am specifically talking about the Spastic type. 🦽 What are the symptoms of spastic cerebral palsy? Primary symptoms of spastic cerebral palsy include  muscle tightness , or increased tone, leading to stiff movements and difficulty executing precise motor control. When upper limbs are involved, flexion (Tightness)  is seen at the elbow, wrist and fingers. There are various degrees of this. I'm fortunate to have a fairly mild case. It can be in any type of cerebral palsy such as diplegic, one limb or quadriplegic. It al