Sunday, March 20

Winter and its Affects on the Body With CP


Why winter?

Carrying on from my post about autumn and its effects on the body with cerebral palsy. This post is about winter and its effects on a body with cerebral palsy.

Warmish Days:

These would be classed as the best days to go out as people have the least amount of pain in their muscles and joints due to the challenges the condition gives.

Stormy Days:

These days are avoided. As much as possible because of the pain that happens because of the way the muscles and joints are affected. However, we have to carry on regardless and go out if possible. Again that depends on how the condition affects the body.

Rainy Days:

These are similar to stormy days but can walk. They can be just as tricky especially if using walking aids such as sticks or crutches as the ground becomes more slippery. Therefore even with aids, it is more difficult to walk if done.

Cold Days:

Pain wise these days are absolutely the worst in my view. As my knees are very worn out. And as I have mixed cerebral palsy everywhere. But in general, these are the ones that affect every person with the condition. I try not to go out on these days

Snowy Days:

These are days again when there is a lot of pain if we go out. Which is very unlikely as well as the cold the ground is unstable as it's slippery. Even if we were able to go out it would be difficult with whatever aid we used. The pain in our joints and muscles could be unbearable.


So even if we do go out in autumn it depends if we need to go out for anything. But it doesn’t matter what type of cp we have the effects are the same to some degree or another.

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