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Winter and its Affects on the Body With CP

  Why winter? Carrying on from my post about autumn and its effects on the body with cerebral palsy. This post is about winter and its effects on a body with cerebral palsy. Warmish Days: These would be classed as the best days to go out as people have the least amount of pain in their muscles and joints due to the challenges the condition gives. Stormy Days: These days are avoided. As much as possible because of the pain that happens because of the way the muscles and joints are affected. However, we have to carry on regardless and go out if possible. Again that depends on how the condition affects the body. Rainy Days: These are similar to stormy days but can walk. They can be just as tricky especially if using walking aids such as sticks or crutches as the ground becomes more slippery. Therefore even with aids, it is more difficult to walk if done. Cold Days: Pain wise these days are absolutely the worst in my view. As my knees are very worn out. And as I have mixed cerebral palsy e

The Seasons and How They Affect The Body With CP

  What do I mean! In the next series of posts, I am going to be going through the ways how the seasons affect the way cp affects the body on seasonal and weather types. This will include the way the affects the muscles and moods. The following is brief outlines of each post. That will be up weekly. Winter: This is a particularly hard season, for many of us with cerebral palsy. As its weather and temperatures affect us quite severely. I will be discussing these in the next post. Which is out next week. Spring: This post is about the way this seasons weather and temperature affect us. Summer: Again this post is about how the season in all its types and how it affects the body when it has cerebral palsy. Autumn: This will be the final post about how the affects the body with cerebral palsy in the series although I have posted about the way ages affect the body with cerebral palsy. These areas follow: Challenges Ahead Part 1 Challenges Ahead Part 2 And in this following series that starts

January has Almost gone: Winter is half gone! with Cerebral Palsy playing

  A new month! January is going. Tomorrow is the first day of February. Has anything changed for you? Have you had to stay in more because of what has happened in the last year and this new month that’s just going? Lots of little things have happened this month certainly for me. Some of the things I couldn’t control and others I could, that’s ok! You know what though, February is a new month. Each day is like the new day of a book. I acknowledge that I am the one in charge of what I think and what I can do. There are lots of things I can’t do but I know what I can, that is important to realise. There are days particularly in the winter when I do struggle with my condition. It makes me feel like I’m not capable of anything I mentioned feeling low several times in posts such as Urgh the feeling and Urgh again as well as Urgh!!! Cerebral Palsy can take a long run and jump. These posts are all written either in late Autumn or throughout Winter. S.A.D is also a possibility as my moods ch

Winter Blues

  Most people go through some kind of depression which can be triggered by stress of any sort including trauma.  Some get low because they don't have enough vitamin D. This develops into S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder to give its full name.  Vitamin D is normally processed by the skin and its access to sunlight, which is diminished in the winter months. Because the sun is much lower in the sky. This is why people are so much happier in the summer. One of the common ways to combat this is to boost your vitamin D intake from September to March. This can be done by taking vitamin supplements. I take  Vitamin D  However, for a long while, I didn't so my own low moods had been lingering longer than I wanted. Even though spending only ten minutes outside helps boost the amount of vitamin D, I, unfortunately, have not been able to.  So with the house situation and my other conditions, I have let my blog slip. This is not what I wanted but the house situation is being reso