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Autumn and its Affects on the Body with CP

  What do I mean? As with every type of cerebral palsy, there's so much to think about. There are 4 main types which I have mentioned in the following posts Life with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral Palsy Common Questions for me Challenges ahead Part 1 and Challenges ahead Part 2 . But it doesn’t matter what you want to be able to do it can also depend on how your body reacts to stimuli such as the weather. So that means the seasons affect the body daily as well as the season as a whole. So what? I am picking autumn because here in the northern hemisphere have just gone through autumn and currently going through winter before the next seasonal change with spring on the way. But not here yet.    Ok, what happens? Each day can be different as the weather is. But there are generalisations and these are as follow because it also depends on how you slept the night before. again this depends on where you are living. Because if you are living in say sheltered accommodation where you cant regula

The Seasons and How They Affect The Body With CP

  What do I mean! In the next series of posts, I am going to be going through the ways how the seasons affect the way cp affects the body on seasonal and weather types. This will include the way the affects the muscles and moods. The following is brief outlines of each post. That will be up weekly. Winter: This is a particularly hard season, for many of us with cerebral palsy. As its weather and temperatures affect us quite severely. I will be discussing these in the next post. Which is out next week. Spring: This post is about the way this seasons weather and temperature affect us. Summer: Again this post is about how the season in all its types and how it affects the body when it has cerebral palsy. Autumn: This will be the final post about how the affects the body with cerebral palsy in the series although I have posted about the way ages affect the body with cerebral palsy. These areas follow: Challenges Ahead Part 1 Challenges Ahead Part 2 And in this following series that starts