Thursday, September 30

Life with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral Palsy

 Are you curious about what a person with Diapligic Mixed Cerebral Palsy is like?

That's ok! I got you! 😆
Do you wonder what each day is like for a person who has cerebral palsy?
I can tell you my own view as a person with it.
As a woman with the condition life is no different from anyone else. I breathe and talk the same way as anybody else. 
However, there are things that I either can't do or do differently. 
This does not mean I don't have dreams like any person.
I have cerebral palsy diplegia,

 which means it is in my legs, although it could have been in my arms. I have ataxic

 and spastic  

 types. So it is a mixed type. 

Each day is as different as the weather because it is so changeable. There are days when I feel like I can trust my legs and then the next I will feel like I can't. So it makes me feel so insecure that I don't feel like I could work for anyone except for myself. This is why I have this blog.
Does this mean I can't do anything?
No, it does not. It just means that I can't do everything that the average person can, or I do it a different way because I have to. And that is good as no one is the same. There are lots of   I am going to post more posts about this because there's so much not said about the condition from an adults point of view and living with it.

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