Wednesday, September 29

Out with the old into the new and back again

 It's a new place for this blog again but this time I'm sticking with it. I decided to pivot direction. This was because I felt stuck and nothing was really working for me on the old site anymore.

I was also feeling like I couldn't grow anymore as a blogger. I will be continuing to talk about life, cerebral palsy, depression, books and makeup and fashion but also lots of other things too. I will be putting things on for you to keep yourself as well.

The name is now Lifewithsweetestmoondust but the
Is the place that I am now where I am. I am really happy with the progress so far I really am enjoying it. I hope you can join me.

Although since writing this a year ago I found that the new place was not really my style so have gone back to my original provider as I can see everything going on.

love and peace.

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