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Thursday, September 30

Old and new things! the challenges of life

 The Old 

There are many things that I would love to be able to do. Many of which are out of the question. And yet there are many that I can do. 
My favourite things are books, makeup and music just to name a few. 
So much that I watch a few @YouTubers such as @LisaEldridge @DominiqueSaches and @WayneGoss for my makeup tips. Musically I listen to lots of different types such as #Jazz, #Pop, #Classical, #Swing, just to name a few. 
Bookwise I read a few favourites, such as @TerryPrattchet, @AgathaChristie, and @SirArthurConnnanDoyle. Although I am endeavouring to read more and different people. However, I am constantly drawn to my favourites especially when I am feeling low. 

New Challenges Suffering from clinical depression as part of my life because of cerebral palsy I end up feeling like hiding away and doing nothing. Yet as a child I remember my mum using my great grandmother's sewing machine. I remember her making dresses and quilting using scrap material.

As a child with cerebral palsy my agility and control of a foot pedal for a sewing machine was inconsistent. Meaning that it would sometimes become impossible possible for me to control the material and the speed of it going through the machine. 
But the thought of being able to make things for me has always been in my mind. As a teenager, I would make my own jewellery. 
New Challenges.  Similar to the items in the pictures above. However due to my age now and the effect cerebral palsy has on my fine motor skills, making it is harder to do the fiddly things. They are harder but not impossible. 
So after going through a cognitive therapy course early last year I decided to go to a group set up by a local charity called #InvolveKent. In which I have been learning how to use an electric sewing machine. I have also become more able to use the pedal. which is a great thing to check my maintenance in certain joints such as the ankle So although it won't be as neat as some at the moment I can do it. Or as the saying goes "do now get perfect later". I think the quote was said by @RichardBranson but I could be wrong.  For me, this saying is so true and has a meaning that I am just learning. 
But since selling the house my sewing has stopped as my machine is packed up ready for when we do move house. Are there any challenges new or old that you have? I'd love to know about them. Love and Peace  Xxx

What is in a cup of coffee anyway?

 Bosch Tassimo Charmy

  I love a good Tassimo Costa Coffee Latte, however, if my budget doesn't stretch to that as it's on the average £5 per box of 8 drinks I will pick the less expensive but just as delicious Tassimo L'OR Latte Macchiato Coffee Pods which is £4.50 a box. These prices were correct at the time of original posting.

These drinks are made via pods rather than say the Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine with Aeroccino, Pure White by Magimix

which is done only by using capsules, your own milk and an aerator to froth up the milk

There is another cheap coffee system which I have used and did like very much which is the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

 which again like Tassimo uses pods. They are just as good as the Tassimo although they do not have such big names as Suchard, Twinings, or Cadburys and Costa Coffee supporting them.

But you know coffee isn't just the latte or cappuccino that you have with amazing friends or that few moments that you have to have to yourself in the day and have your treat in the form of a cup of coffee.

It has been said that it can help kick your metabolism into action and help your body use your fat cells as energy too particularly if you drink it black according to The Times of India and an article. There are also more benefits which are mentioned in caffeine informer. These include helping against depression, focus, and even states that it can help lower the possibility to have Alzheimer's. I personally can't vouch for these claims but I do know that it does keep me more awake and give me more energy when I need it.

There are other ways of having coffee, like having it through a french press

Which you can get anywhere, like Tescos, Sainsbury's, Amazon or you can get a coffee machine

similar to the above filter coffee machine.
So if you love a cup of coffee there are lots of different ways of getting this healthy yet naughty drink. I say it's naughty because if you add milk and sugar they divert the goodness away according to the articles. 
Right now I am considering to try a coffee black in the morning to kick start my own body and firstly I will be trying an Americano every morning for the next two weeks and see what the reactions I get with my own body. I then will post my reaction for two weeks on.
Love and Peace

Wednesday, September 29

Out with the old into the new and back again

 It's a new place for this blog again but this time I'm sticking with it. I decided to pivot direction. This was because I felt stuck and nothing was really working for me on the old site anymore.

I was also feeling like I couldn't grow anymore as a blogger. I will be continuing to talk about life, cerebral palsy, depression, books and makeup and fashion but also lots of other things too. I will be putting things on for you to keep yourself as well.

The name is now Lifewithsweetestmoondust but the
Is the place that I am now where I am. I am really happy with the progress so far I really am enjoying it. I hope you can join me.

Although since writing this a year ago I found that the new place was not really my style so have gone back to my original provider as I can see everything going on.

love and peace.

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