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Thursday, September 30


 Why this is your most important time to blog

This whole situation is disheartening me, just like it is for everyone else. And I have felt like giving up writing this blog altogether. 
I looked around at different ways of getting more readers, and interaction with the readers I do have.
I looked at using a different provider and making it look more up to date because I have been feeling as if my blog has had no value at all. However, I was listening to the podcast ”Just keep blogging" by @KimAnderson and this mornings show 

”Why this is your most important time to blog” and learnt a valuable lesson. 
The lesson has given me more of a positive response to what I am doing and why. In her podcast, she was saying that even if you are struggling right now with your content then it's ok. But don't give up. Your posts are valuable to even the smallest number of people. You could be posting about how you are coping with the situation at the moment, cooking home meals and how to help your child or deal with something while everyone is at home, or if you are able to go away, but not necessarily abroad. 
I discovered that actually because I have a disability. And have to limit the number of times I go out as I am a bit more at risk of Covid19 than some yet not as much as others. 
What I am talking about in my recent posts shows that other people are not alone. Even if living with others who are able to go out more often but you can't. I'm proving that it's ok despite all that is going on.

So I realize that my posts are important even though I have few readerships because everyone is important.

Love and Peace

Life with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral Palsy

 Are you curious about what a person with Diapligic Mixed Cerebral Palsy is like?

That's ok! I got you! 😆
Do you wonder what each day is like for a person who has cerebral palsy?
I can tell you my own view as a person with it.
As a woman with the condition life is no different from anyone else. I breathe and talk the same way as anybody else. 
However, there are things that I either can't do or do differently. 
This does not mean I don't have dreams like any person.
I have cerebral palsy diplegia,

 which means it is in my legs, although it could have been in my arms. I have ataxic

 and spastic  

 types. So it is a mixed type. 

Each day is as different as the weather because it is so changeable. There are days when I feel like I can trust my legs and then the next I will feel like I can't. So it makes me feel so insecure that I don't feel like I could work for anyone except for myself. This is why I have this blog.
Does this mean I can't do anything?
No, it does not. It just means that I can't do everything that the average person can, or I do it a different way because I have to. And that is good as no one is the same. There are lots of   I am going to post more posts about this because there's so much not said about the condition from an adults point of view and living with it.

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