Thursday, September 30

Urgh, The Feeling!

From a dictionary, the meaning of the word limbo is as follows:  noun, plural lim·bos. (
often an initial capital letterRoman Catholic Theology. a region on the border of hell or heaven, serving as the abode after the death of unbaptized infants (limbo of infants) and of the righteous who died before the coming of Christ (limbo of the fathers or limbo of the patriarchs.
But there is another form of limbo and that feeling of nowhere to go or turn. Realizing that the whole of the world is in some type of feeling of the same as myself is a form of comfort. 
But the fact that I'm still waiting for the deadline for moving home is so aggravating.  At the beginning of this year, the house was sold and we have not yet moved. 

I had been organised and thought that I would be in a new home by now. Unfortunately, the virus has hindered such an event. 
So this feeling of limbo has triggered several personal feelings which have made my ability to write either blog posts regularly or even words for any of my other projects impossible.
So I must apologise that I have not felt able to. I have tried to keep some form of routine. I have been doing this through my other social media sites.  But I have felt compelled to write this because I have felt regretful for not being able to be consistent in my writing.
I do hope to be more consistent in the future, however, at the moment I can't be sure that I can.

And since writing this on my original provider things have not really changed that much. So when things can be more consistent I want to.

When I originally wrote this I hadn't but I have now
Love & Peace Xxx

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