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Winter Blues

  Most people go through some kind of depression which can be triggered by stress of any sort including trauma.  Some get low because they don't have enough vitamin D. This develops into S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder to give its full name.  Vitamin D is normally processed by the skin and its access to sunlight, which is diminished in the winter months. Because the sun is much lower in the sky. This is why people are so much happier in the summer. One of the common ways to combat this is to boost your vitamin D intake from September to March. This can be done by taking vitamin supplements. I take  Vitamin D  However, for a long while, I didn't so my own low moods had been lingering longer than I wanted. Even though spending only ten minutes outside helps boost the amount of vitamin D, I, unfortunately, have not been able to.  So with the house situation and my other conditions, I have let my blog slip. This is not what I wanted but the house situation is being reso