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CP and depression in your 30s

So the 30s have hit and you’re feeling low again: So looking at what you have and the thought of why you. And the feeling of being a burden is another problem because you are not able to do things that the people who you live with can.  Remember that these are also issues that occurred when you were a child, teen and in your 20s  Ok, the feeling is there again! This is when you are going through another bout of depression because of the feelings. But you are not alone. There are lots of people who are in the same box. What to do? Ok so the feelings are there and you've been given all the cues to get the help in your 20s. Now is the time to use them again.  If on the other hand, you're reading this post then it's ok. I've been through the same things and didn't know anything until I was in my 30s  What I did! It was at this age I finally started getting the help I needed. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at this point. So I was put on medication. I also went