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Thursday, September 30

Skin Planing is it for everyone? Is it worth it for people with disabilities?

 Over the last 3 years even though the pandemic has annoyed people who have always looked after their skin. By going to salons before the lockdowns. To have skin treatments which they have professionally but can do at home for a much cheaper price. But is it worth it?

In this blog post as a woman who has cerebral palsy and loves skincare and cosmetics, I discuss if it is worth trying to do skin planning at home or not?

What planing does!

When a person goes to have the treatment of planing on their face it means having your hair removed from your face. So that all the hair is off your face. For Eg, peach fuzz gives a healthy glow and the ability to put on all makeup much simpler and smoother. However, it can be quite costly.

But is it possible to do your planning at home while having a disability?

My attempt at planing!

I was very curious about the procedure for planing. Before the pandemic, I had been researching the possibility of having the treatment as I have cerebral palsy and have limited dexterity in my hands. But at the beginning of last year when the pandemic began and the beginning of getting ready to sell our home I decided to get some planning razors like these razors. I had also been watching videos on YouTube on how to do the treatment on your own like this by Jennifer Joyce Beauty

I was incredibly nervous at doing this as I was unsure about the treatment for my skin as I was still in the middle of the stressful sale of our home. I was not feeling great about my skin as was suffering from psoriasis quite badly across my eyebrows, temples and hairline. So hadn't worn cosmetics, in ages.
I was really curious about how the treatment would be for my skin. I left the razors in the bathroom until I felt comfortable enough to do it because I knew that if I wasn't careful I could have a spasm in my arms, causing me to hurt myself badly.

Nonetheless, I stood one morning in front of the mirror and started the process of planing my face.
It started quite good, and a lot of fuzz came off my face. However, I caught a spot and nicked my skin causing my face to bleed a little. In any case, I continued to try to do the treatment myself on the opposite side. At this point, I found that I was having trouble guiding the razor across my face because I could not get the blade at the correct angle on my skin. So I didn't get a good amount of fuzz off my face. I also attempted to tidy my eyebrows as they were unruly. I was incredibly nervous about doing this bit so only touched them a tiny bit.
My results:
After I attempted doing the actual work for this treatment, I didn't look too bad. There was a bit of a stinging on my left cheek where I had managed to remove a lot of the fuzz from my face. It had been said that it was one of the effects of the treatment. For me, the sensation stung for about 24hrs.
My skin felt and looked great for the first few weeks then I started breaking out in spots. Particularly where I got a lot of hair removed. I noticed that where I had been good at getting a lot of the hair causing some ingrown hair. Which in turn, caused inflammation of my skin and a lot of dryness. This possibly caused a flare-up of psoriasis over the area which was planned but then it could be because of my mood at the time.


There are a few pros of planing and these are:

  • The smoothness of the skin
  • The shiniest of the skin
  • The ability to put on foundation and concealer
  • The look on your face once you have finished the look you wanted.
  • It's cheaper than professional service.

The cons:

  • Pores are more easily blocked
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Production of spots
  • Difficulty depending on the disability you have.

My impression

It's an option most definitely. However, for me, it's not an option. I possibly would have it done by a professional. But as a disabled person to do it myself the answer is no.


It is totally up to you what you want to do.

Either do the treatment for yourself or wait until we are allowed to go to a salon and have it done.

What is next?

If you decide to go down the route of doing it yourself then take your time and choose good planing razors like the ones here.

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