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Skin Planing is it for everyone? Is it worth it for people with disabilities?

  Over the last 3 years even though the pandemic has annoyed people who have always looked after their skin. By going to salons before the lockdowns. To have skin treatments which they have professionally but can do at home for a much cheaper price. But is it worth it? In this blog post as a woman who has cerebral palsy and loves skincare and cosmetics, I discuss if it is worth trying to do skin planning at home or not? What planing does! When a person goes to have the treatment of planing on their face it means having your hair removed from your face. So that all the hair is off your face. For Eg, peach fuzz gives a healthy glow and the ability to put on all makeup much simpler and smoother. However, it can be quite costly. But is it possible to do your planning at home while having a disability? My attempt at planing! I was very curious about the procedure for planing. Before the pandemic, I had been researching the possibility of having the treatment as I have cerebral palsy and ha

What is the Skincare norm? Even with a disability, we want to look after ourselves!!!

  Overall Skincare It's an average day for everyone, we all know that we should look after our skin, even if we have a disability. It shouldn’t matter what type of skin you have, however, the ability to look after one’s skin is paramount even for those of us who have disabilities. But it is forgotten that we are just the same as anyone else. We age just as much as anyone else, if not more so. If we can’t reach certain areas. Because of this, we end up with sores or skin conditions that put us back in the hospital. Which is not financially stable for the local medical profession. Nor our own mental and personal care. Self-care is an important part of being well both physically and mentally. There are a few ways to do this. This post is concentrating on facial cream and the equipment that I use and what I think of the treatments. Until recently this has not been a real thought to me, as I am relatively active, and I have a partner who would put cream on my arms and legs. Some people