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What is the difference between us? The disabled vs the average person!

  Why this question? I'm writing this because there are many differences. Yet we are the same. Yes! We have physical difficulties that others don't have. But doesn't everyone have some kind of difficulty? Having a disability: Living with cerebral palsy doesn't mean that we are not capable of doing anything. I have said this in many of my posts " are you looking forward or looking back with cerebral palsy " and Challenges ahead part 1 " I have said it in my podcast too, But it is such an important thing to say because we are still alive and kicking so to speak even if not physically. We are mentally capable of anything! Just like you just sometimes we may need some help physically! The average person The average person can get dressed, feed themselves etc. they can also walk, or travel to places without help. But you see they may have unseen problems like bills, emotional situations going on or hidden health issues. A person with cerebral palsy A pers