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Here and Now with CP! Life as it Happens with the Condition!

  I've been in this house, seven months now. I love it. I am used to being able to walk around a lot more easily and do more things for myself. It's so much b8igger than my original home But I would be silly enough on Friday to slip on a wet floor. That's what anyone can do. So at the moment, I've got a top bigger top lip than I would normally have. I love it, but I wouldn't go down the operation route for it, I don't like injections or anything because it can go wrong that way unless it's done professionally. Anyway, I have been quiet because of things going on around me, and I've been very worried about things going on as well. And life has taken over. Unfortunately, which is not what I wanted to do. But I think in times of healing. Everything else has to go out the window, and it doesn't matter what you think is going on in your head or personally need to be able to do it quickly, or for as short long a period as you need. So if I do go quiet,

Argh! maybe this isn't right? disabilities are not heard or seen!

  it's been one of those days, or rather just a few weeks where things have been a bit difficult for me. First of all, it was the Easter holidays. And my family. There was a couple of birthdays that were coming up that I needed to deal with before going back on to doing some more podcasts. But as we all know, life gets in the way. So that hampered my plans. I wanted to get things sorted out a bit more with the way things were going regarding Sweetestmoondust style, website, and I wanted to be more clear on what we stand for as a whole. Because people are not realising what cerebral palsy is, and not knowing what we can and can't do is a real issue. When we're out and about, many of us can walk not always stably. We will be using either crutches, walkers, some of us can walk without, but still need some help support, you know, with people around us and may get anxious and have slight anxiety because too close to someone else, or something like that. Others are in wheelchair

Learning who you are! Disabilities do not define who you are as a person.

  Thinking about the questions will bring out the person who you really are. Because being told who you are and what you can do does not make you the person you are. Who are you? You are a person, human with bones, blood, skin etc. You have your own thoughts and can do certain things that every person can do. Such as beating heart, breathing and thoughts of your own. What defines you? The things that define you are your own thoughts. Not just what can do. It's not what people think and what they think you should or be. So the disability does not define you either. What do you want to do? What are your dreams and aspiration is basically what this question is. Because those are really what you are. As your brain is where your own limitations are. And are what you have. And as a child, you don’t see limitations as a person physically or mentally. It is only when the people around you tell you what you can or can’t do. Then it is learning what the body has is the main limitation. You