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Amazon echo show! Are they worth it for the less able?

  Why use the Amazon Echo series The use of electrical equipment for ease of life is amazing. It can give the freedom of independence to those of us who have less independence. Due to lack of agility and time saving for the able-bodied. The use of the Amazon Echo series and Google dot series has started to be the norm in homes. I have a couple of amazon echo show indoors and love them. I also have the Google dot in the house but I don’t personally use them all the time. What is an Amazon Echo Show? An Amazon Echo Show is part of the Amazon Alexa system. It can show things as well as be a way of setting a timer or alarm. Listening to books through audible on there as well as perhaps watching a movie while cooking dinner. It helps with cooking too by showing a recipe step by step with pictures or even a video. There are different sizes too. I have the 10inch one in the kitchen and a 7inch one in the bedroom. Why has one? For anyone who has a disability and the inability to turn lights on