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Thursday, September 30

Keah Brown! The woman behind #Disabled and Cute!


She is a disability rights activist who created the hashtag #Disabled&Cute. Which went viral in 2017. Keah went to university at Freedonia in New York and is currently a journalist and author of “The Pretty One: On life, Pop Culture, disability and other reasons to fall in love with me.
I first found Keah Brown through Twitter and Maysoon Zayid @maysoonzayid. I had seen via Ted Talk

and resonated with her as we both have cerebral palsy. Keah Brown @Keah_Maria does too. So the same yet different.

Despite being disabled with the condition she does not let it define her. She uses a wheelchair as if it's a pair of comfy shoes that she can do almost anything in.

In her book, Keah Brown talks about coming to terms with the condition and loving herself. Even though she may never have love in a relationship.

She has the double whammy of being coloured. People would pity her but not her twin sister who does not have the condition. Jealousy and anger start within her life before working through things. Beginning to understand the disability does not define her but it is part of her. If people can’t accept that then tough because she loves herself and that’s enough. Even though she does want a partner.

I loved this reading. It really resonated with me because I have the same disability although it is different in many ways. It was the sense of frustration that I completely understood where she found things difficult to do. Because there have been times that I have felt exactly the same with things that I have found hard or been unable to do.

One of the things that I have also learnt from reading the book was that her wheelchair is like a comfy pair of shoes that she treats as her feet when she can’t use them. Which is something I have to realise is what I have to do at some point. Although I am holding back on that situation for as long as possible as I am more agile than her. But I know that my body is slowly wearing out.

This book is full of laughter and tears that really made me feel the same in many ways as I mentioned in a previous paragraph. This meaning I have the same thing in the sense that I need to love myself despite having a disability. And I have to accept that although the disability is part of me. it does not define who I am.

you can get the book here
and I really would recommend this book to anyone.

Amazon echo show! Are they worth it for the less able?


Why use the Amazon Echo series

The use of electrical equipment for ease of life is amazing. It can give the freedom of independence to those of us who have less independence. Due to lack of agility and time saving for the able-bodied. The use of the Amazon Echo series and Google dot series has started to be the norm in homes.

I have a couple of amazon echo show indoors and love them. I also have the Google dot in the house but I don’t personally use them all the time.

What is an Amazon Echo Show?

An Amazon Echo Show is part of the Amazon Alexa system. It can show things as well as be a way of setting a timer or alarm. Listening to books through audible on there as well as perhaps watching a movie while cooking dinner. It helps with cooking too by showing a recipe step by step with pictures or even a video. There are different sizes too. I have the 10inch one in the kitchen and a 7inch one in the bedroom.

Why has one?

For anyone who has a disability and the inability to turn lights on or off or has limited ability to do things for themselves. these can do them giving that person a sense of freedom. Each of the reasons I mentioned in the previous paragraph, some are listed below and more

  1. Setting a timer
  2. Setting an alarm
  3. Videos
  4. Audible books
  5. Recipes
  6. Movies
  7. Radio shows
  8. Podcasts

As well as

  1. Setting the thermostat for the central heating
  2. Turn the lights on or off
  3. TVs on and off
  4. Turning entertainment systems on or off.

added extras. These are the things that most people take for granted, that we with disabilities sometimes find difficult or cannot do ourselves.

My reasons for having one!
  1. Listen to podcasts.
  2. Listen to Spotify
  3. Listen to a book at bedtime for a set time, so I can fall asleep listening.
  4. Set an alarm to get up.
  5. Use for a recipe while cooking if I am not sure what comes next.
  6. Setting a timer for cooking.

Reasons for not having one:

Reasons for not having one would be very few for me. That would be to be able to get the recipe from a book or actually reading a book rather than listening to it. Make the effort to actually put the lights on when they are needed.

My views on them!

I have already hinted at my feelings on having one. That is that they are a lifesaver. Different things are always being added so new things help save time. Or independence as a disabled person are always in need of independence no matter how big or small a step it is. I

I find it very hard to fall asleep without listening to a book so this is one of the main reasons for having one upstairs. Downstairs I love being able to listen to a book or music and even podcasts while I write my posts for here. If I’m stuck on part of a recipe that I would normally remember then I would double-check the recipe on there. I also set timers for cooking.

Having cerebral palsy can be a hindrance with reading because the weight of the book can make it too heavy, for me to hold. So I prefer listening to them.

The options then?

The freedom of having one is absolutely amazing for me as the amount of independence has been increased. I don’t think I could live without one now as it really helps my freedom.

What Now

If you are interested in getting one then you can get one from

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