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Thursday, September 30

Keah Brown! The woman behind #Disabled and Cute!


She is a disability rights activist who created the hashtag #Disabled&Cute. Which went viral in 2017. Keah went to university at Freedonia in New York and is currently a journalist and author of “The Pretty One: On life, Pop Culture, disability and other reasons to fall in love with me.
I first found Keah Brown through Twitter and Maysoon Zayid @maysoonzayid. I had seen via Ted Talk

and resonated with her as we both have cerebral palsy. Keah Brown @Keah_Maria does too. So the same yet different.

Despite being disabled with the condition she does not let it define her. She uses a wheelchair as if it's a pair of comfy shoes that she can do almost anything in.

In her book, Keah Brown talks about coming to terms with the condition and loving herself. Even though she may never have love in a relationship.

She has the double whammy of being coloured. People would pity her but not her twin sister who does not have the condition. Jealousy and anger start within her life before working through things. Beginning to understand the disability does not define her but it is part of her. If people can’t accept that then tough because she loves herself and that’s enough. Even though she does want a partner.

I loved this reading. It really resonated with me because I have the same disability although it is different in many ways. It was the sense of frustration that I completely understood where she found things difficult to do. Because there have been times that I have felt exactly the same with things that I have found hard or been unable to do.

One of the things that I have also learnt from reading the book was that her wheelchair is like a comfy pair of shoes that she treats as her feet when she can’t use them. Which is something I have to realise is what I have to do at some point. Although I am holding back on that situation for as long as possible as I am more agile than her. But I know that my body is slowly wearing out.

This book is full of laughter and tears that really made me feel the same in many ways as I mentioned in a previous paragraph. This meaning I have the same thing in the sense that I need to love myself despite having a disability. And I have to accept that although the disability is part of me. it does not define who I am.

you can get the book here
and I really would recommend this book to anyone.

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