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What is the Future to See

  I have written many posts over the last few years about makeup and fashion. But there are very few people who are in either industry who are disabled. Being disabled does not mean that we are not interested in fashion and the beauty industry or acting.  There are very few disabled comics similarly. I can name @MaysoonZayid, @LostVoiceGuy (Lee Ridley), @AlexBrooker and @AdamHills as the main people who are well known as comics here in the UK. Although I can name @WarwickDavis and his family the most prominent actors who are disabled in some form or another. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean we as a part of civilization are not capable of doing the same as the average person. In my research, I discovered that there are only 20 prominent models.  Jillian Mercado, Debbie van der Putten, Sophie Morgan, Aimee Mullins, Alexandra Kutas, Viktoria Modesta, Jack Eyers, Kelly Knox, Melissa Koole, Lauren Wasser, Jamie Brewer, Rafi Solaiman, Paola Antonini, Rebekah Marine, Madeline Stuart, N