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Thursday, September 30

What is the Future to See

 I have written many posts over the last few years about makeup and fashion. But there are very few people who are in either industry who are disabled.

Being disabled does not mean that we are not interested in fashion and the beauty industry or acting. 
There are very few disabled comics similarly. I can name @MaysoonZayid, @LostVoiceGuy (Lee Ridley), @AlexBrooker and @AdamHills as the main people who are well known as comics here in the UK. Although I can name @WarwickDavis and his family the most prominent actors who are disabled in some form or another. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean we as a part of civilization are not capable of doing the same as the average person.
In my research, I discovered that there are only 20 prominent models. 
Jillian Mercado, Debbie van der Putten, Sophie Morgan, Aimee Mullins, Alexandra Kutas, Viktoria Modesta, Jack Eyers, Kelly Knox, Melissa Koole, Lauren Wasser, Jamie Brewer, Rafi Solaiman, Paola Antonini, Rebekah Marine, Madeline Stuart, Nina Marker, Gianna Schiavone, Nicole Kelly, Shaholly Ayers and Elisha Turner. 
In an article by The photo studio, they explain their beginnings. Yet these people are not shown sufficiently for the average person to see that we are not really different.
How often are they shown on tv or in magazines?
 I hardly ever see them, if at all. I find it an embarrassment of the industries mentioned. They seem to scarcely use talented people who are slightly different.
There are a few companies that are changing their own ways by using people who are disabled. 
One of them is Marks and Spencer and the other is a high-end designer Tommy Hilfiger. 

These two are also adapting their clothes so
Even those are not seen often enough to prove that we are just as important as anyone else.
It would be fantastic if you could go shopping even in these difficult times. And just pop into your local clothing store and get clothing that is suitable for you, without having to ask for help if at all possible. 
It would be lovely to be able to get clothing that looked good on you as well as being able to sit well say in a wheelchair. 
At the moment there is little evidence of any real change.
I feel that it's not moving fast enough. Particularly as there are more and more disabled people, surviving longer than they used to, even thirty years ago. We all love fashion or beauty as much as anyone else. Especially as it is a form of self-expression.
Since writing this post initially, there have been a few changes. These changes have been really positive.

The 1st is that there has been an addition to the UK's equivalent to Walmart (ASDA) where they are beginning to show ambulatory disabled also want to wear clothes despite part-time use of a wheelchair or even full-time disabled wheelchair users. To watch the video click here.

Secondly, I also found a website that specifically caters for people who are full-time wheelchair users. The site is called BombiniTribe and has truly accessible clothing for the seated man. However, at the moment there are no designs for women or kids. Yet I can see the full potential of the site. I am excited to see what they come up with for women and kids. Right now though they have lots of unisex clothing that women and teens who are permanently seated. To have a look check the link BombiniTribe.

Do you think we are being represented fairly clothes-wise?
Love and Peace

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