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5 Real Life Lessons about Motherhood and Cerebral Palsy

  What are the problems with pregnancy and cerebral palsy? After the birth of the child or children! The first 5 years of motherhood. The side effects of having children as a person with cerebral palsy. The positives of having children while having cerebral palsy. These are the questions that are often thought of by the families and women themselves that have cerebral palsy . Cerebral palsy itself is not the reason not to have children. It is not contagious, it is not hereditary. It is the secondary problems that will be the issues that make either childbearing or parenthood or both a challenge. I mention in my post Life with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral palsy what types of cerebral palsy I have and in What is Spastic Cerebral Palsy I talk about that particular type of cerebral palsy. For me, the problems I incurred during pregnancy were actually minimal until I was in the last trimester. I was carrying twins and where they were sitting during that time caused problems. These problems