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Right now!

Hey! I have been reticent recently regarding writing and doing my podcast episodes. This post is all about that. Another apology! Things have been erratic with me since having COVID last month. I have also been feeling a bit anxious and worried about things as I still haven't had an answer for something. My mind has been on that lately. Which hasn't been exactly what I wanted. Writing this post has helped me feel a bit better. However, I'm unclear in what direction I want this blog and podcast to go right now so while I'm thinking things through I will write when I can The options! The options are as follows! Stay the same. Change direction. Only do 1of the things. Stop completely. There is one thing I don't think I can do is give it all up as I feel that explaining cerebral palsy and endometriosis and how it affects my life. Can be an insight for others and a solace for those of us who have either condition or even both. Yet I am uncertain what step to choose.  Opt