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Teens, cp and depression

School and teenage life with cerebral palsy: Like every child and adult, they may go through bullying. Which is horrendous in any case having a disability on top of that can make things even worse. It doesn't matter what type of school the child is at either.  Listening to the Teen: This is the most important thing that should come from the parents, friends, family, and professionals that are involved with the child. because it is their lives that you're looking out for as an adult in their lives. At school: When the child is at school and if they are being bullied. then the first port of call is to get it dealt with within the school itself. But again if it is not resolved you will need to go higher in the system. At home: If at home the child is unhappy and depressed.  Talk to the teen Listen to the teen Don't ignore them or brush off what they are saying or going through. Point them in the direction for help Emotionally support them And just generally support them. Some