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Introducing Being Trapped in House in A new Light

  Every day at this time people are feeling trapped, in their own homes, the feeling of their liberties is taken away. All because of the disease COVID 19. I wrote a post on  Keeping Your Distance To Stay Safe At the time of writing this post, there is no cure at the moment. And there is a great possibility there may never be one. This meaning our ways of living are going to be changed forever. However, right now we are just bumbling along trying to survive personally and as a human race. Each country has there own way of dealing with what is going and here in the Uk, there has been a slight division between England and the rest of the Uk so it is more difficult to decide on which bit of information to make your own decision on what you should do. So being disabled the same rules apply as before meaning we have to stay indoors. The rest of the people who can work from home must do so and those who can not, go to work in their office and get there either by cycling or walking if po