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Sunday, May 19

A new place

A lot has happened since. But here I am.

A different place. Older and wiser than before. New things are coming slow and steady. Other things keep dropping off. I have learnt a lot over the last few years. Knowing that life has always a way of doing things to change your plans no matter what you want. It's ok though. Learning is what life is all about. In some ways life has been harder but in others it hasn't.

You think life is going one way then it shows you a different route. Sometimes they lead to a completely different place and sometimes it might just be a loop or bump in the road that either speeds things up or slows it down.

What's next ? Who knows. All that can be done by me is being done and the rest is out of my jurisdiction. The wait can be a problem but the best thing is to channel energy into other things. I'm trying my best to do that very thing. Yet there are so many distractions. Some are welcome, others are not.

What is left to do? A bit of clearing out. Not much though! Everything I had asked for is coming even though there have been difficulties. Some have been huge and others small. They all have challenged me most definitely. 

One of the things I have struggled with is patience. There's a saying ”patience is a virtue” and I know that it's one I wish I had. Especially when it's to do with things that are out of my control. Have you ever had those types of feelings? I know I have!

How do I deal with those feelings? That depends on what I'm wanting to be done by others. I know people probably think I should be doing everything. I can't however. It doesn't mean I don't want to. Just physically I can't.

You see, I'm an ambulatory wheelchair user. I used to do almost everything possible as a child and young adult. The older I have gotten, the less I have been able to do. There are many people who are like this. Not just me. 

Frustration is forever changing because things I could do a year ago. Now I either struggle with it or can't do it anymore. And things change. And as a person either accept the change or become more maudlin and then depressed. It's never easy to accept things about yourself as a teen or young adult. And if something happens while getting older. 

There is always the question “why me?” The question should actually be “why not me?” Or “what can I learn from the situation I'm in?” those questions are a better way. 

Because there's always something you can learn. Sometimes you may not be the one who needs to learn something but you are the one who is there to teach someone else something.  

Someone said that if you don't learn something the first time around then you are given multiple challenges until you learn what is required. 

The two things that I have learnt in my life so far is acceptance and understanding.  There are a few more things that I need to learn successfully. Such as listening, patience and the ability to stop worrying about things that are out of my control. Those things are not easy to do. I'm trying though. 

What do I want for the rest of my life? I went through a phase of doing things that are not really me. They gave me a new set of skills which is great. I know that those skills are going to be useful, however I'm not ready to use them properly yet. I know I will just not now. But I am excited to be doing what I'm doing. Especially as this is something I love doing but have not felt quite good enough to do it again because of my disability and other life situations that I had no control over. 

What is it that I can do for now?  Obviously I need to do physio and gentle exercises but what can I do?

Well there's been a few things that have changed since the beginning of this. There has been a massive change in the sense of two different moves. One was a temporary move because where I had been was not really good for me. The other. 

The other was the final. I'm finally settling into the new house but there's a few things that need to be done. And once they're done I'll feel more confident in the house. The other big change is the area of where I'm living.

It's a quaint village that has old buildings but the pavement is not really good enough for someone who is an ambulatory wheelchair user, or someone who is wheelchair bound. I need to go around on my scooter and get to know the area. However at the moment I'm stuck using a scooter which is totally not my type. Even if the colour is my favourite. Which means I'm stuck indoors until mine is repaired.

Luckily there's still some things that need to be done. Before having people around.

Thursday, September 30

First steps of the future

 What is the future?

That is the question everyone asks. And no one knows the answer. Even for themselves.
 As I wrote in my post Moving On we are in the process of selling our house after more than two decades in the same place. 

Forward Thinking 
So although we are still at the beginning of the process. We are going through everything and decluttering. We have als0 started packing up boxes of stuff that we don't want to chuck but don't use regularly
I know that some people won't start the process of decluttering of things that are no longer needed.  I began by sorting out my cups and mugs. 
And only keeping what is of sentimental value and necessary and anything else was to be kept. The Feeling of Excitement  Through the decluttering of each room despite still being used by us. It has made it easier to let prospective buyers the see what they can do in each room. Meaning it was sold early on.
The Panic 

The panic is the feeling of fear. It is the fear of the house not being sold for a long time. I know that it can take a long time to get it done and in some sense we do have a long time but in another we don't. But again at the same time it is exciting. Since writing this originally we are just house hunting before moving out.
The wait can is excruciating. The reality is that it may take a bit of time but the result will be what we want and we will be happier and safer than right now. This yet another scary stage of moving as it is now. Love and Peace  Xxx

Introducing Being Trapped in House in A new Light


Every day at this time people are feeling trapped, in their own homes, the feeling of their liberties is taken away.

All because of the disease COVID 19. I wrote a post on Keeping Your Distance To Stay Safe
At the time of writing this post, there is no cure at the moment. And there is a great possibility there may never be one.

This meaning our ways of living are going to be changed forever. However, right now we are just bumbling along trying to survive personally and as a human race. Each country has there own way of dealing with what is going and here in the Uk, there has been a slight division between England and the rest of the Uk so it is more difficult to decide on which bit of information to make your own decision on what you should do.
So being disabled the same rules apply as before meaning we have to stay indoors.

The rest of the people who can work from home must do so and those who can not, go to work in their office and get there either by cycling or walking if possible or by car if needed but not by public transport unless necessary and wear masks. And this is compulsory. Although when I wrote this originally it was not the case.
This is on top of the things that companies have to do to ensure that their staff is safe. For now, this also means that any of the retail and entertainment sectors are closed unless they are online or they have to follow stricter guidelines. Which is difficult as they bring in a lot of money to the country as does the tourism sector. Which has also been severely damaged by what has happened.

All the schools were closed for most pupils except key workers. Although they are open in staggard stages rather than all the children at once now and the kids have to wear masks outside and travelling
The problem I am seeing personally is that there are still people who will take things into their own hands and put pressure on the frontline services which are the health and food industries.

It is a shame because if things are followed as if they were meant to be then life may get back to some kind of normality. Things will never be fully the same again and we will have to change our lifestyles and the way we do things.

The feeling of being trapped in the house is very strong for everyone because of what is happening. Although there are more freedoms or changes to it.
All these changes came so quickly, that many are struggling to find structure while missing friends and family as well.

Being social animals humans are on the whole this is the biggest issue as we can't hug anyone outside our own house and we can only stand 2m away from people who we can see individually.
So with family members in different houses, we can't touch. Which is another form of isolation! And that is difficult especially as hugs are an important form of feeling well.
The things I am missed the most was seeing my friends and family as well as going to the salon and beauty shop as these are things that I find necessary as I cant do these things. At the time of originally writing this, I couldn't go to the salon for certain beauty treatments that people can do for themselves. But since then I have been able to go.
What are you missing if anything?

Fresh chapters with cp.

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