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Thursday, September 30

The crazy future! Coming in the near future

 This is what's going on at the moment. The COVID19 situation has changed here in the UK, and lots and lots of people have had their injections, whether they're, it's their first or their second one. I've had my second job yesterday because cerebral palsy is one of the neurological problems that COVID19 can affect, you, whether it be long term or short term.

We've had to be inside for so long, and this week. I'm recording this, They are opening up all the shops that were not opened for over a year now, and it's going to be a strange, strange sensation. When I go back out tomorrow. Because of an appointment, I will go straight down to town and straight back.

But going will be one of those things where I think, okay, great idea. but, you know, I'm thinking for everybody, particularly people with neurological, breathing problems, asthma or whatever. Masks are to be worn outside, and it shouldn't matter.

I understand the freedom of seeing people and everything else. But if you've got a cold or something, then it'd be best to cover your face, because you don't want to be giving it to other people who you who don't know, might have a weak immune system so that would be an issue. When things are happening like that, it's, it's more dangerous for us. Think about when you have worries like this, we've been stuck indoors for a long time, whether it's because of our disability, and the fact that things are now changing back to the normality of sorts.

The cerebral palsy side of things is going to get a lot harder. I did a dance class this morning. A 30-minute off my phone, and yes I should have done it during the time of moving, but I didn't feel like doing it because there was so much going on, mentally, physically that really, I couldn't consider doing that. It's too much trouble to think about doing things like that because of factors. You've got ways of having to cope. here are people who are constantly being stuck indoors, no matter what.

They may have a different condition so they don't want to be outside at all, and they're used to being indoors and hearing all this news, what happened over the last 18 months is going to be causing more anger, and worry about things because they're not sure what they're going to do. you know, then they're knowing they're going to have to go out and it's more anxious, timing again for us.

I've been lucky enough to go out a few times, you know, not other six months in our when it first lockdown, I stayed in. We were waiting to move which I've mentioned in another post,
which I will link up in my video as well. I've also done it so that, you know, it's been worrying. and now wasn't enough room, and this morning because I've managed to do a little bit of exercise. I felt better. Even though I've just had the job that I had yesterday, but it's not going to be sensible to go out with her party all the time. And make sure that you know you've got things going, and it's not fair for the way things are. It's not going to be easy in the future.

I don't see us with a disability to be reminded of too much because people are going to be doing what they did 100 years ago with the partying that happened in the 20s, the roaring 20s when they, when they had a lot of partying and stuff after the Spanish flu 100 years ago.

We've got things now which can help a lot quicker, ie the injections, and things like that. We've got to remember that it's not going to be easy for anyone, particularly those who have been stuck indoors because they've got a disability, and their male Mental Welfare is not going to be a brilliant moment. And that goes for everyone, too.

It's going to be, it's harder, I believe, for people who have not been out loud out, you know, it's not easy for some who have had to go out because they've had to be key workers, you know, there's been some Cp, people who I know who have had to go out to their store to local Tesco and be a front shot worker which is brilliant, and it's their freedom, but they were at a higher risk of getting the virus, same with any mental or breathing situation. That is not going to be fair, for people who wanted to be out and those people who are being who had been selfish not realising it will suddenly get to the point where actually.

Oh, right. Well, yeah, maybe I shouldn't have gone out so much. Okay, I've made that mistake, and won't be doing that again. Then they would be doing things like being more sensible but aren't you know, with more variants are coming out now of the virus and so that there are more chances of actually catching the catching COVID Again, but it should be proven, that being sensible falling, a rough idea of doing what you need, seeing, seeing the occasional framed, you know, for the mental issues that can happen would be great. I mean I know a lot of people doing the over zoom.

I didn't feel like that was an option to me because I'm much more of a tactile person. And it's important for me to realise that maybe I should have done more of that and which is why I am now doing these videos to put myself out of the situation and be more active, both verbally, out and about, internationally, online, rather than just in the house, or just locally. So, when things are more easy access, I suppose, when things are a bit more lifted. It will be a lot easier,

Right now we're only on stage three and open today, and that's Monday, the 17th of May. And there is a possibility of it being stalled. From this point, but that's understandable because of what's going on around the world. And so we have to think for ourselves and each other. Again, this is where equality comes in, and I want the talk of doing the sweetest men does style website is what I wanted to do, is by actually showing more equality. And so, if we treating everyone is equal, and realising that everyone is valuable and needed, it's more important for everyone to think, okay, right, it's my turn to stay in. If they need to go out, then that's fine.

Don't just think for yourself,
because there are so many more people out there who could be more vulnerable than you are.

Are You Really Desiring to Scream out Loud? When life throws another curveball!

 This year has certainly thrown a curveball to everyone with the virus being part of it. which I have mentioned in various posts such as How are you doing in these strange times

You know what though there are things that want to throw you some kind of lesson. So learning from these situations is often difficult but that's ok. I've talked about these in posts such as Urgh The feeling but you know what even I'm learning to be patient. Being patient is a very difficult thing if you are used to almost instant gratification yet it is worth learning as a skill.

The future had also been put on hold because of what the government had decided to do while beginning to open up the country again. And this also means that our own future has been put on hold and it is kind of scary not knowing what is going to happen next but it is not totally in my hands at the moment. At this point, we have to wait and see if there is a chance we can have what we want or do we have to change tact for the future. These are the curved balls that are definitely sent to try us but during a difficult time. on top of the general day to day challenges that my cerebral palsy. however, I am writing a daily blog of my moods and that is
which I will be writing using my phone when I feel like it as it seems to encourage me to write on here too which is a positive step on the whole.

This is a short post as I have not been very well mentally and there have been a few days where i8 have just wanted to curl up like a ball which is why I have started a new one

A Special month: Cerebral palsy month! What it really means!!


1st -31st March

It is the international cerebral palsy month this month and here in the UK, there are roughly 1 in every 400 people who have this condition, I included. There are roughly 30,000 children with this condition and although the actual condition doesn’t actually change with age the effects of the condition do.

I have written different types of posts on this condition as I actually have it. My aim is to ensure that the condition is recognised properly and we get the help we need, continually throughout our lives as adults. Not just as children learning to live our lives as we exhaust and wear out quicker than the average person.

Throughout my own life, there are things that I should have learned to do. But because of whatever reason I did not. This means that there are things that I wish had learned and am struggling with now. I mention these things in the following posts Life with mixed cerebral palsy and common questions for me because I have written these posts early on I won’t go on about it too much because really what I want to be talking about is the positive side of the condition and the how normal we are actually are, despite our differences.


I also want to prove that even though we do have a disability we also suffer the same feelings as anyone else with depression or any other mental illness. This is shown in my posts Urgh! The feeling and Urgh Again just to name a couple. We can also be just as upbeat as anyone else. We also have the same challenges as anyone else in these strange times what with the pandemic which was mentioned in How are you coping in these strange times. As well as dealing with the stress of moving home which is is mentioned in Thank goodness you have a moving date.

Why now?

This month I want to keep the interest going to prove that we need to be recognised as normal people. One of the most important things that are being missed is that we are being ignored for needing extra help after the change from being a child to being an adult. And the Facebook group Cerebral Palsy Adult Advice UK with the charity Adult CP Hub have a petition asking for the continuation of help throughout our lives not just at the beginning as a child teaching us how to do things and then leaving us to it. Which at this point although we may know what to do we may need help doing it. The petition is Care Parity for adults with Cerebral Palsy. I urge you to sign this as a matter of urgency because any adult with the condition will need help despite our wish for normality while dealing with medical situations that are different to a lot of other people.

My Reasons!
I’m wanting to do this because a lot of us don’t have a voice and I am one of the lucky ones who can speak and give a voice to those who don’t. This goes for every disabled person no matter what disability they have.
I realise that not everyone is not as blindsided by the way that they live but the life of a person with cerebral palsy is just as valuable as those who don’t have a disability no matter what was thought of in the past because what matters now is the future.

And Why?
In my lifetime I wish to be able to say that cerebral palsy was acknowledged for adults, not just the children who have it. And for all the help we need is given rather than having to battle for every little thing.

What can you do?
Please think about the people who have a disability and may need your help in whatever way. This includes signing the petition Care Parity for adults with Cerebral Palsy and learn more about the condition so that you can perhaps help that person who needs your help rather than give them the help that you think they need.
Because they know what they need better than any other person.

A New Season ahead

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