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How To Take the Headache Out of Life Changes

  So this is a difficult time for everyone around the world as mentioned in  introducing being trapped in the house  and  how are you coping during these strange times .  We are all having to deal with these life changes because of COVID 19. You know what though, this is the time to make these small changes in your own lives. What changes do you think you need to do? Organising timekeeping, routine making, self-care, mentally and physically, just to name a few. Well, this is the perfect time to do these things. If you haven't started it doesn't matter. Now is perfect to do what you haven't done but have meant to. You may also want to pick a new skill. So stop procrastinating and do it! Life is too short to not do what you need for yourself. There are so many places online that can you get free information and lessons on whatever you want to learn to do or get better at. these places include youtube, books, or ebooks. Have you got a kindle? Here's a link to get

Ok! What now? Things are changing yet again Urgh!

 Today , I have no makeup on, I have got tinted eyebrows and tinted eyelashes because I find that I can't do those easily. I get those done professionally, once a month. Since COVID has slowed with everything and started to open things up a bit more recently. It's made a lot of things easier to do, especially as a disabled person with cerebral palsy, and the ability, or shall I say, lack of ability to do something for themselves, very much. because it's the way things are done. I, still haven't completely done, what everyone does, which is their legs or underarms yet, because I have not had time to do it. And because it's not been easy to get a place to do them because of my disability. I can't wait to have that back. I also have my nails done. with acrylic tips with infills. And the reason I wanted to do that is that I'm finding if I'm like that. I have some kind of control over what my body has and does. it makes me more like me to be free, as a human