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Thursday, September 30

what is it to now move forward rather than stagnate?! What does everyone else think?

 I'm doing some stuff here because I wanted to make sure that I've been busy enough to do things. It's been extraordinary, hot, as everyone knows, here in the UK and possibly everywhere else, I don't know. what it's like in any other country. The reason why I'm popping on today is that, as I said last time, I've had my eyebrows and my lashes and everything else done. I'm thinking, well actually, this is as I said before, it is a necessity for people like myself who are disabled, not just a treat.

Although it is a treat at the same time as a necessity, because of the way things I've done, and the way things are treated for people with such a disability or cerebral palsy in finding places to go. I found a really good one in Maidstone and I will be sticking to them.

They've already liked my Instagram so I will put them there and I'll give you the link to my
in the notes.
As things are going for life, things are better than they have been and moving forward. There are a few new doors that I could be knocking on to help with the situation I want it to be, and how we are in a minute. I'm excited about that. It might not seem like it now but, I will be doing more skincare range things when the words are a little bit cooler because I'm one of those people who, when it's too hot, I cannot wear anything other than lipstick, like makeup, possibly because it's so hot. That is the reason why I have my lashes and eyebrows done. Is because I can't deal with the heat.
In that respect, although my body adores it because of the type of palsy I have.
This week, as I said I was gonna have my nails on days of what I've had done, and they’re pretty, I love them. They're so summery. I'll be writing about a moving forward post, perhaps just writing it not for vlogging it or podcasting it because it's not relevant for anything else right now.
I'm thinking in my head, what does everyone want for me and I would like to know what people think about what I write.
I need to know what you guys would like because I want to know what my readers are having as their ideas, whether it's makeup, skincare, or life for the cerebral palsy, in that respect, just general life, or do you want, book reviews more often or do you want other things, you know, because I'm not sure what everyone wants.
I'm getting from one aspect, a lot of information on my analytics, of what I'm doing and what people like, but I'm not sure what everyone else would like.
I'm just popping on really to have a quick ramble on that. And, you know, I'm looking, see what I can diversify on to for the podcast as well because if it's just, just keeping positive about the disability, then I will do that for the podcast, alone, and just occasionally do that for the blog or vlog. I just want to sort that out because of that. And I'm thinking, perhaps, you know, to try and extend the length of certain ones as well because I need to put more pictures in. I do know that, and I'm. It's how I've been feeling, and I'm stressed out at the moment. I knew that as a person. CP is needed to be shown as it isn't recognised, so much as a life-changing condition.
Yes, brain damage is done at birth or in an accident. But in my posts, I have written in my blog about how the different aspects of cerebral palsy changed in what decade for me. Nothing that no one else does, just me, but it does change for everybody. I wanted to make sure that it is clear that we are warranted to be wanted because we are not left behind. We can speak, we do have the rights as everybody else. And a lot of it can be treated through physiotherapy and exercise, and a lot of other issues, Or shall I say techniques but it's important to deal with that because if you don't, you can't move forward. It's like learning a new day is the beginning of a new chapter as, as, as everyone should think of it like that, what are you doing today, what are you doing tomorrow. But with me. It's small. Okay, so I've got this happening. I need to move my goal to maybe a slightly smaller area or move it further afield, something like that because of how things are. So moving the goal is in a way of doing things. Because it depends on what aspect of each bit of life is done. And what can be done rather than just letting life go past, and learning to say, Okay, well, you have limitations. What do you want? rather than what people expect you to have? Because people will assume their issues and expectations on you. And treat your expectations as it was their life, not yours. It is your life, and how you're living it is up to you.
I said in my last vlog that I was doing radio work which I was, and I loved doing that.
Things have had to change because of the station itself, and that's okay. And I wasn't too worried because I knew that I had my things, such as the vlog, the video,
, blog, and everything else.
After all, it makes more sense for me to do that, rather than to forget about those which are because they're more important than doing music, which I love, but then I can still listen to my music, and I can in my podcast slip in a couple of my favourite tracks now and again, because I can use them on Spotify or, you know, a note can be left there, and that will be how things are sorted for things like that because of the way, I can introduce people to the types of music that I like, as well as, you know, just prove that we, like, just as much different music as anybody else does not just bang bang clap clash, whatever, because we're supposed to be not so intelligent, but we are. So, I'm gonna say that for now and just say, I love y. and leave you. I'll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

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